About No Free Choice

NO Free Choice exists because there are no free choices.  Every choice carries a consequence.

The very choice to chose life or death puts into motion a chain of events forever effecting, changing and shaping our destiny and the destiny of the generations of tomorrow.

We believe that, from the moment of conception, each child is unique, and is created with a plan and a purpose to make a one-of-a-kind contribution to this earth.

We at No Free Choice know first hand, how lack of clarity, facts, information and support can pressure and lead you into making the wrong choice, leaving you with a choice that doesn’t bring you freedom.

Every single woman deserves the complete truth of both sides of this Choice, if she is only given one option-abortion, it is not a choice.

Even though abortion may be legal, no one has the right to force, coerce, exert undue influence or pressure a women to have an abortion.  The decision to have an abortion must be the voluntary and informed decision of the Mother.

Mary Ross, the founder of No Free Choice, has been counseling women in unplanned pregnancies for over 12 years.  She has a deep passion for the unborn and their parents in this crisis situation. It is her greatest desire to inform women to what they are actually choosing when they choose abortion, and give them the information they need to make an informed, healthy, empowering, livable choice.

It’s time to raise awareness of the physical, mental and emotional effects of abortion and how it has effected millions of lives, their families, communities, and our country.  Truth brings freedom.


Here at No Free Choice Our Mission is

To be a doorway of hope to all who have lost hope.

To change a day of distress into a day of hope and gratefulness.

To make sure every person in an unplanned pregnancy has a place to go (in the privacy of their own home) and is safe to explore the world of unplanned pregnancies. We want to help you see your baby, not your circumstance.

To help you gain the knowledge, understanding and information you need to make an informed decision. NFC is a place to see and hear the truth, lies, deception and realities of your pregnancy, including the circumstances surrounding it through real life experiences and testimonies.

Abortion does not fix your problems. The problem is not the pregnancy, but the outside circumstances which need to be dealt with. Abortion puts a Band-Aid on the problem, but the poison continues to affect the whole mind, body and soul.

Our hope and prayer is that you will learn, through your experience here, what it is that you are actually choosing when you choose abortion.

We want your life to be enriched through the experiences of other people who are in your same situation. We want to give hope, encouragement, and love; and help you embrace life as we walk with you through it.

Death is not an option for hope.